Bob Rizzo

Singer, Song Writer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Bassist... etc... 


Bob Rizzo - Live Music in Columbus 

Utilizing his multiple talents on several instruments, Bob Rizzo has electrified crowds from stages throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Born in the Bronx, New York, Bob began performing as a guitarist and singer in the early 1980’s with the Progressive/New Wave styled band EMERALD. Originally a 6 piece, the band featured 3 talented guitarists and no actual bass player. Each of the 3 guitarists agreed to share in the bass responsibilities which added to the excitement and diversity of the band, often switching instruments in mid set. 

Exploring his passion for keyboards in the late 80’s and 90’s, Bob joined forces with the Power Rock band VANDAL. Performing original music on the premiere stages of the New York City club circuit, the band played showcases for recording executives from major labels including Atlantic Records and Columbia Records in venues such as The Cat Club, The China Club and The Ritz. Their showcase at the club L’amour in Brooklyn landed them a spec recording deal at the famed RECORD PLANT recording studio in Manhattan. 

New opportunities arose when Bob moved to the Midwest. He began sharpening his skills as a solo performer, playing acoustic guitar and singing in clubs with more intimate settings in and around the Columbus, Ohio area. Bob continued to lend his bass playing and vocal skills to several bands such as the Smooth Jazz stylings of the Tony Marinucci Trio and theClassic Rock/Country/Pop group known as the Jack Fox Band. 

Today Bob Rizzo not only enjoys performing as a Solo Artist, he also brings his vocal, bass and keyboard savvy to unite with guitarist Grant Guilkey and drummer J. Bills in the High Powered Rock Band SONIC BOOM. Known as The Midwest’s Favorite Party Band, SONIC BOOM performs an exciting and eclectic mix of New Music, Classic Rock, Dance, Power Pop, Arena Rock and Old School. 


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