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I hope you enjoy my music. If you've been out to one of my shows or just want to say hi, please drop me a note above in my comments section. I'd love to hear from you! ~Bob

 Lisa D said:   

WOW! Love Silent Evenings! Mike and I will be out to see you again!!  

 Dave Amm said:  

Bob, after sorting through all the Bob Rizzos, I finally land here. Very nice song, Silent Evenings! Hope the family is good. Dave. 

Sarah :) said:  

Love the new song!!! Can't wait to hear more! 

Gail Box said:    

Great Music!!  

April Schaad said:   

Bob, It was awesome hearing you last night at Little Bear. I knew you would be good, but we enjoyed your voice and selections far beyond our expectations. We can't wait to bring friends to hear you next time. Thank you for sharing your talent! 

Manuel Dorantes said:  

Is great to have seen you again, one thing you did not mention in the page, (the modesty in your side), the fact that you have Perfect Pitch..... And ANY instrument that arrives in your hands you can played too.... I remember you playing the mandolin too. Is so nice to renew the contact.

Jamie O. said:   

Great to see you making music Bob. You have lots of talent and I hope you have fun! 

Traci Martinez said: 

So glad to see you have more shows coming up! You are the BEST! 

Ruthanne Roork said: 

Bob are amazing!! I 100% thoroughly enjoyed every second of your easy listening tunes and stage presence!! Friends, laughs, and your music is truly a recipe for a fun filled evening :)!  

Mike & Tammy Lockwood said:  

Hi Bob, Great show Saturday night! We really enjoy your song selection and your arrangements!  

Bobbie Thornborough said:   

Bob, We had so much fun last night! You were fantastic as usual. Haley and I loved the Toby Keith rock!!!! Thanks again...... 

Jeff Hawkins said: 

Great job tonight at Bake N Brew! Really enjoyed the atmosphere... 

Shellie Boerner said: 

Hey Bob, Love your music! You sound wonderful !!! You have a powerful sound that blew me away! 

Jim Keenan said: 

BOB... Been a long time since I've seen you on a stage . Wish you were singing in N.Y. try doing a Gig @ Pete's saloon in elmsford you sound great .Hope all is well . . . Jim

Ira Presser said: 

Bob, it was an honor playing with you in our band and it's great to see you continue making great music! You are top notch! Ira 

JC Bittence said: 

Great site Bob and its nice that you are out working. Its the professionals like you in the Pro Audio business who still get out and do what they enjoy and love who set the example. I hope to see you out please keep me in on the dates! JC!    

Karen Rizzo said: 

Your talent and dedication to your craft never cease to amaze me. You sound better and better with each passing year! Love ya 

Natalia and Chris Formen said: 

Thank you so very much for performing at our reception during the cocktail hour. We have received so many great comments from our guests about your playing and your selection of music! We could not have been more pleased! Thank You, Bob! - Natalia and Chris  

Frank,Joan,Matthew,James said:  

We like the updates. We played your sample music for friends last night.